David Triano is honored to present The Collection of Dr. Ken Muscatel for your consideration. One of the most historically significant collections of racing boats ever assembled, these fine craft are now available through Triano Marine Design.

The 1918 ’Miss Detroit III’, The 1948 G-2 ‘Hurricane IV’, The 1954 U-17 ‘My Sweetie- John Francis’, The U-25 ‘Pride of Pay N’ Pak’ ‘Winged Wonder’ and many more, all of these amazing boats have been perfectly restored and can be operated today to the full extent of their original speed and capability. An opportunity like this comes along only once in life, to own truly historic racing boats of known provenance, precisely as they existed in the prime of their lives.

Dr. Muscatel is widely respected as one of hydroplane racing’s most passionate and discriminating men. This Collection represents his lifetime of racing and his detailed appreciation for the ‘Steely-Eyed Missile Men’ who came before him, from Gar Wood and Horace E. Dodge, Jr., to ‘Wild Bill’ Cantrell and Ron Jones. Dr. Muscatel knows this history intimately, as Owner and Driver of his own Unlimited Hydroplane Teams, his life has truly been one of Speed on the Water.
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