In 1949, Oliver Elam commissioned Arno Apel of the Ventor Boat Company to design and build a Gold Cup boat for him. This boat, known as the ‘OLLIE’S FOLLY’ is being restored by Dr. Muscatel to its original condition, and it is fully equipped with all of its original equipment. One of the most amazing aspects of this stunning boat is the power plant specified in its build: A Curtiss Conqueror 675 Horsepower engine, which has been restored and is now running on the test stand. The boat’s cockpit is equipped with two seats, making it a wonderful demonstration race boat. This boat is one of the most completely documented racing craft in existence, and the new owner will receive all of the original Ventnor build plans, bill of sale signed by Arno Apel, and other supporting communication documents between Ventnor and Mr. Elam. Dr. Muscatel now refers to the boat as the ‘FOLLY’, and it is significant as the final Ventnor Gold Cup boat produced.
The package does not end there: Also included with this beautiful and historic boat is its original carrier package, a 1948 GMC truck with modified chassis from a bus that was converted into the attached bed/trailer for the boat. The truck has only 20,000 original miles on it, runs well, nut could use a bit of aesthetic restoration. The tow vehicle was run until 1951, then stored in a warehouse for nearly forty years until Dr. Muscatel found it, and later acquired the boat.
A true time capsule, one of the most rare and exclusive racing boats known, a genuine, fully original and fully equipped Ventnor Gold Cup racer.

We will update imagery of ‘FOLLY’ as the restoration progresses. Contact us today to discuss the addition of ‘FOLLY’ to your collection.








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