This stunning hydroplane was built by Morlan Visel (Owner of the HURRICANE IV) and Joe Moore in Culver City, CA. around 1947. Visell was one of boat racing’s most active competitors, racing in 135, 225, Unlimited, and many other classes. Fred Wickens was Visel’s favored builder, but in the smaller limited boats he shared many developmental ideas with Joe Moore. This boat is the only known and badged result of that partnership, and what an amazing boat it is! She is powered by a Mercury 59A (V8-85) engine with triple downdraft carburetors, impeccable detailing throughout, and glows with the warmth and beauty of the mahogany used for her construction. Dr. Muscatel discovered the boat far from home in Alabama, and has completed a sensitive preservation of the boat to its original specification. Completely unique, this hydro is ramp-launchable on its trailer and is an example of post-WWII design that is unmatched. Contact Triano Marine Design today to arrange a viewing of this beautiful speed machine.






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