Built in 1948 by the master race boat pioneer Fred Wickens for owner Morlan Visel, HURRICANE IV was one of the first ‘prop-riding’ Unlimited boats. Heavily modified from her original configuration in 1950, she was most remembered for her stunning top speed of 163.136 miles per hour at the Salton Sea, powered by the Allison V-1710 built by Howard Gidovlenko of Avia Union. The boat also starred in the film ‘Magnificent Obsession’, sharing the screen with Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman This is the way HURRICANE IV has been restored, and she is as she ran at that time with full original equipment and running gear. Her new steward will find none of her wonderful capability diminished, and she comes with a sophisticated ‘ramp-launchable’ tilt trailer to make transportation simple. There is simply no better example of an early post-war Unlimited racer, in museum or private collection. The amazing HURRICANE IV Unlimited hydroplane is now available through Triano Marine Design, contact us today to arrange a viewing of this stunning and ultimately rare racer.




A screen shot from the film ‘Magnificent Obsession’


Dr. Ken Muscatel, current steward of the HURRICANE IV


In her original 1948 configuration




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