MISS DETROIT III is a painstakingly accurate replica of the race boat that Gar Wood and Chris Smith built to win the 1918 Gold Cup. Most amazingly, the MISS DETROIT III carries the fully restored original Glenn Curtiss Model V-4 aircraft engine, the very motor that won the 1918 Gold Cup event. This engine was one of two prototypes produced for the British during WWI for a proposed bomber. This contract was not granted, and in 1917 Curtiss sold this motor to Gar Wood, who installed it after careful modification in the new MISS DETROIT III. It was the first aircraft engine to win the Gold Cup in 1918, and after 1918 the motor was removed from MISS DETROIT III and it never ran again. It remained in Gar Wood’s warehouse until the early 1950’s when it was obtained by the Museum of Speed in Daytona, Florida and eventually found its way, with the rest of their collection, to the museum founded by Bill France in Talladega, Florida, where Dr. Muscatel purchased the motor in 1989.

The replica MISS DETROIT III boat was built beautifully by Mike Michaud, and the engine was restored by the famed engine builder Bob Mishko in 2013. During this engine build, the remarkable nature and condition of the motor was fully documented. The boat has been exhibited at the Lake Tahoe Yacht Club Concourse d’Elegance and the national Antique and Classic Boat Society event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 2014 where it was honored with the ‘Best Engine’ awards, and at the Clayton and Lake George, NY shows in 2015 to great acclaim. It is currently on loan as the featured display at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY and available for viewing.

MISS DETROIT III is an absolutely unique boat with the genuine, one-of-a-kind first aircraft engine to win the Gold Cup event. This event changed the face of boat racing forever, and the MISS DETROIT III stands alone as a spectacular testament to that event. MISS DETROIT III is fully functional, ready to provide her new steward with the absolutely complete experience of the 1918 Gold Cup winning ride.






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