For the 1973 Unlimited Hydroplane season, owner Dave Heerensperger enlisted legendary designer Ron Jones to design a very special boat for him. ‘The Winged Wonder’ as the boat came to be called, was the first to use aluminum honeycomb made by the Hexcel company as a major structural material. By using this new material, the new boat was estimated to have saved up to 1,000 lbs. over the competition. The U-25 was the dominant boat of its era, the fastest, most revolutionary hull of its time. This storied boat is truly one of history’s great machines, having won the Gold Cup three times and as conquering National Champion three times.
This boat is fully restored and is powered with a Rolls-Royce Merlin (Dash-9) and Western Gearbox. A Rolls-Royce Meteor engine will also be included for spare parts. The original tilt trailer has also been restored. The cowls are all aluminum and are literal works of metalworking art. This amazing boat is not a ‘static’ museum piece: it is a safe and very fast boat, allowing its new keeper to experience 160 MPH on the water with complete security.
No where in the world will you find such an amazing representative of hydroplane racing history. Contact David Triano today to discuss acquisition of this stunning boat.



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