A peaceful pursuit which has given me much joy over the years is the stewardship of small trees, and now I am designing a select line of display stands for them. I refer to them as ‘small trees’ to differentiate them from traditional Japanese Bonsai, which operates under a very rigid and traditional rule set; my efforts are much more in a natural vein, to capture the visual essence of native American trees such as the Bristlecone Pine and Sugar Pine. Of course these stands can be used to display any cherished item, and I will be exploring many different aesthetic avenues through these small tables. They are differentiated by design, each described by a ‘Type’ number. Construction is generally of African Mahogany finished in 18 coats of hand-brushed and polished Epiphanes varnish and accented in a satin finished dark stain contrast. All of my designs are exercises in Color, Texture, and Proportion meant to elevate and direct attention to the subject displayed on them. They are available in different sizes and proportions to suit each tree they will display.
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